DBNA is especially proud of, and excited about, the organizations that have registered with our Community Tickets Program. They serve Brooklyn’s grass roots, underserved communities who live daily with serious societal issues including homelessness, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, high infant mortality rates, physical, mental, and intellectual challenges, prison recidivism, juvenile delinquency, education, gang violence, addiction recovery, saving the environment by greening up Brooklyn,  health disparities, and health care, just to name a few. The selfless men and women who work at and head these organizations are amongst Brooklyn’s most caring, loving, committed, and dedicated citizens.  They inspire and motivate, despite and in spite of their personal pain and turmoil. Their work is their calling and goes way beyond their paychecks,which, in fact, they often use to enhance the lives of their clients.  They are Brooklyn’s own wounded healers. Mostly unrecognized and unsung. However, the work they do enhances our communities and gives us hope for the future.  Here, we proudly highlight a few.  Click the logos to learn more



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