The DBNA Invictus Youth Initiative

Programs, opportunities, and resources for youth and young people


Our Mission

The Mission of the Invictus Youth Initiative is to create and facilitate comprehensive services and opportunities that uplift the community of Brooklyn as a whole. As a part of DBNA, Invictus delivers workshops, programming, and experiences that are directly aligned and outlined in the historic CBA agreement signed in 2005. Invictus focuses on impacting youth and youth based organizations in the following areas:

**Health and wellness

**Personal and professional development

**Organizational development

**Positive behavior intervention

**School based arts and character education seminars


**Political awareness and participation

**Cultural awareness and pride


Programs and Services


The Black History Month Essay Competition


Man-To-Man Mentoring

Generation Genius



DBNA’s Our Black Lives Matter

Talent Competition and Showcase


DBNA’s Our Black Lives Matter Showcase/Contest was held at Ronald Edmonds Learning Center in Brooklyn New York on Friday, March 2, 2018.  Our youth came out and shared their thoughts and feelings about issues concerning African American lives in the USA. Art and Activism at its finest!  This Our Black Lives Matter Showcase is a performing arts showcase designed to explore the issues, and express the value of Black Lives in America today.  Our overall winners received a contribution of $1,000.00 toward their performing arts program.