Our Founder

Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry

The Reverend Dr. Herbert Daughtry hails from a family which has produced five generations of Black church leaders. Born in Savannah, Georgia, and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey, Reverend Daughtry has risen to positions of national and international prominence. Currently National Presiding Minister of The House of the Lord Churches, he has previously served as Chairman of the National Black United Front, and Founder and President of the African People’s Christian Organization. More than 50 years of involvement in church and community service has earned him the title, “The People’s Pastor.” Reverend Daughtry’s long career of activism began with the civil rights struggles in the 1950s, working in collaboration with Brooklyn CORE and Operation Breadbasket, and continuing with his participation in the fight for community control of schools in the late 1960s. In 1976, as a result of the killing of 15-year-old Randolph Evans by a New York City police officer, Reverend Daughtry became a major force in organizing the Coalition of Concerned Leaders and Citizens to Save Our Youth. The group used economic boycotts to win jobs and services for the Black community from merchants in downtown Brooklyn. The effort resulted in the establishment of the Randolph Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Randolph Evans Memorial Crisis Fund, and numerous other initiatives. The Coalition of Concerned Leaders and Citizens to Save our Youth evolved into the New York Metropolitan Black United Front in 1978. The success of the New York Black United Front inspired the call for a national organization. Click to Read More

Photo by Nelson Bakerman of Nelson Bakerman Studios