About The DBNA Community Tickets Program


About Our Program

Brooklyn’s Barclays Center opened on September 28, 2012. And with it, The Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA) launched its Community Tickets Program. The goal? To provide access to the community by giving complimentary tickets to Barclays Center games and events in a fair and transparent manner. The Method? Community Sweepstakes Events!

In accordance with the 2005 Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement, one of DBNA’s mandates is to disseminate complimentary tickets for games and events at Barclays Center to Brooklyn’s underserved communities in a fair and transparent manner. DBNA’s agreement with Forest City Ratner Companies allocates 50 upper bowl tickets, 4 lower bowl tickets, and seating in a luxury suite for this purpose.

After many months of research, the following  became evident:

***The most effective way to reach our target populations would be through the organizations that serve them. With that in mind, we began to register Brooklyn based not for profit and community-based organizations in to our program.

***The most effective way to disseminate the tickets would be at a monthly Community Event. At this Event, the names of registered organizations would randomly be chosen for Barclays Center games and events. This system not only provides transparency but also ensures that every organization has an equal and fair chance of winning!!!

DBNA’s 1st Community Tickets Sweepstakes Event was held at the historic House of The Lord Church on September 21, 2012.  We moved to  Ronald Edmonds Learning Center/MS113 due to the rapid growth and interest in our program.  We’ve been in existence for five years  and have registered over 600 Brooklyn based not for profit and community-based organizations.

We invite you to take a look at our Community Tickets Sweepstakes Experience below.  We hope you enjoy browsing as much as we enjoyed experiencing.